Learn How To Do Makeup On Eyes Correctly

One of the most crucial parts of fixing your face in the morning is knowing how to do makeup on eyes correctly. If eye makeup is applied in the right manner, it can frame your face and make them stand out and really shine. Before beginning, make sure your face is clean and moisturized. If you are planning to wear concealer and/or foundation, these should be applied prior to your applying the eye mink lashes review.Scrno

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The first step is to apply eyeliner on your upper and lower lids. A light application of a chocolate or brown color works well for most day-to-day applications, whereas black or charcoal are great for nighttime wear. A liquid can have a more dramatic effect than a pencil may have. Eyeliner should be applied from the outside of the eye towards the tear duct. It will look more natural if it is done in a lot of little lines or dots, rather than one thick line.

When selecting an eye shadow, it is best to pick a color that is the opposite of your own eye color. Use a medium toned shade on the lids and a little darker of the same shade in the crease of the eyelid. Apply with a light sweep of an eye makeup brush. Add a very light eye shadow under your eyebrows and in the tear duct area of your eye. White shadows and pale pinks are good colors for this, they can make your eyes look brighter.

It is good to coat your mink lashes review with some mascara. Black or dark brown will work for most types of occasions. For daytime wear, it may only be necessary to coat the upper mink lashes review. Coat both the upper and lower mink lashes review for nights to make the look more dramatic.

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It is a good idea to learn how to do mink lashes review on eyes in the correct way to make them stand out in a pretty and bright way. Once you know the basics, you can play with different shadows and brushes to achieve different effects for special occasions and nightwear.


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