Quick Tips On How To Do Make Up For Brown Eyes

Before attempting to purchase make up these days, it is important to know what is best for your mink lashes canada and coloring. Here are a few tips for how to do make up for brown eyes.Scrno

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Brown eyes are neutral and luckily can look amazing with almost every color. The best colors of eye shadow for you are plum, purple, nutmeg, deep blue, gray, and different shades of brown. These colors can be bought in singles or as a set. It is best to find a set that has any of these colors in different shades. A set with at least three tones of eyeshadow would be the best. So, if you buy the plum set, there should be three or four different shades of purple and pink. The blue set usually spans from blues to grays. The most neutral set to get would be the browns. It also benefits to have a set that is all pinks and whites for highlighting. The best metallic eyeshadow tones are gold, bronze, browns and pinks.

The next step would be choosing the right eyeliner. Eyeliner can be a twist up, liquid liner or even a dark eyeshadow brushed along the bottom mink lashes canada. Liquid liner will give you a more intense and dramatic look, while the powder will soften the look. The best eyeliner colors are browns, bronze, black, deep navy and gray. Black will always work, but if it looks too intense a good alternative would be deep browns, plum and charcoal.

Once you have decided which color and tones you like the best, you need to know how to apply them. First you apply the light or neutral tone from the mink lashes canada line to the eyebrow. Then take the medium tone and smudge it into the crease of the eyelid. Be sure to blend as you go. Third, take the darkest color and apply it to the outside corner of the eyelid. Once you have blended everything, apply a light shimmery eye shadow to the inside corners of your eye and directly under the eyebrow. After you have finished with the eye shadow, line the the upper lids with the liner of your choice. Keep in mind that opposite colors brighten each other, so you can match the liner with the shadow, or for a more dramatic effect you can combine a light shadow with a dark eyeliner. The last step is to curl mink lashes canada and apply black, brown or dark blue mascara with emphasis on the outer corners.

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When learning how to do make up for brown mink lashes canada, it is important to remember the tones that accentuate your coloring. Also remember that dark colors minimize and contour, and light colors bring out and highlight your eyes. When you implement all of these tips, you get a stunning effect for brown eyes.


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