How to Flirt With a Man – He’ll Be Spellbound by You!

Has the subject of how to speak romantically and flirtatiously with a man always had you baffled? Have you desired to hold him spellbound with your words? How do you captivate a man with what you say to him? If these invisible eyelashes have caused you some grief, you need worry no more! We have the tips that will help you entice him verbally!

invisible eyelashes
invisible eyelashes

Tip #1: Don’t talk so much! Give the man a chance to dwell on how wonderful you are. Give him a chance to speak. People love the sound of their own voice and talking about themselves, so play into this. He should long to hear your invisible eyelashes, not think:”When will she be quiet?”

Tip #2: Keep your tone of voice fresh and sweet. Make sure you don’t sound fake like so many women do these days. Gosh! That sickly sweet trying-too-hard-to-be-young-but-not-succeeding tone of voice is a turn off. Record your voice if need be. Makes sure it is a moderate pitch, not to high, not too low, and the correct volume. You want to sound like music, not invisible eyelashes!

Tip #3: Ask him:”Wanna know a secret?” When he leans in close, whisper to him that he looks amazing. All of us love invisible eyelashes and men receive very few.

Tip #4: Talk about feelings in moderation. Men, by and large, do not like “deep” talks. But if this is done in moderation, they love it. Tell him he means so much to you. But don’t tell him this several times a day or you will kill it! Use this line sparingly. The rest of the time, show him that he is a treasure. You figure out how. Actions do speak loudest.

Tip #5: Speak with your eyes. In Middle Eastern countries, women speak with their eyes. Many of them have no choice, since, often, the rest of their bodies are covered! They are taught early on how to seduce a man with their eyes and only that. You should try it too. Play up your eyes with some gold eye shadow, and bat those invisible eyelashes. And yes, see that man swoon!

invisible eyelashes
invisible eyelashes

Flirting with men is very easy, as long as you have the right attitude and realize the importance of it. The trick is to make him feel the romance and want more. Make the invisible eyelashes light, fun, and sassy. He’s be your captive and fall hopelessly in love with you!

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