Simple Eye Makeup Tips

Want to amp up your daytime look to a night time look? Maybe change the china 3d lash factory of your eyes while at it? Check out the tips we have to offer.

china 3d lash factory
china 3d lash factory

Remember the make up that you choose for your eyes should emphasize the natural color of your eyes. With smoky eyes the must have for all nighttime looks, its easy to do it once you have the basics down. There is so many things that you can do with your eyes by using the right makeup.

Just take the time to figure out what works for you. Remember if the color of the month doesn’t look good on you, don’t bother buying it!

Amp up your daytime look to evening? Try this tip:

Using your favorite shade on the lid, from the lash line to the crease. Its time to go slightly darker than your daytime color, unless you have very deep set eyes. By adding shadowing you can add more depth to your eyes.

If possible remove the eye shadow that you used during the day or go for a darker shade.Scrno

Load your makeup brush with a darker shade and press the color into the crease moving from outer to the inner corner.

Blend the deeper shade so that it extends a bit above and below the crease.

Line the upper and lower lash lines with a pencil or liquid eyeliner. If using a pencil smudge it along the lash line top and bottom to deepen your smoky look.

If you already have mascara on, reapply it on the outer cornerchina 3d lash factory to darker them. If you do not have mascara on yet, apply it lightly, then apply your Magic Lash to enhance your lashes and make them look thicker. Then reapply your mascara over your Magic Lash to make your eyelashes lush and totally out there! Must have for all smoky eyes.

If you want to make your eyes look a little more rounder, try this tip:

To make your eyes look rounder, add eye shadow to both the upper and lower lids.Another way to do this is to use an eye liner and outline the base of your lashes.

If you want to make your eyes look a little more oval, try this tip:

To make your eyes look more oval draw a line at the base of your china 3d lash factorys thickening the line slightly in the middle.

Eyes to close together? Try this tip:

To make your eyes look further apart start your eyeliner line away from the inner corner of your eye and make it slightly thicker towards the outer edge, extending it in a slightly upward stroke.

Eyes to far apart? Try this tip:

To make your eyes appear closer together you are virtually creating the opposite illusion to what you did to make your china 3d lash factory look further apart. In this case the eyeliner would be slightly thicker at the inner corner of the eye and you would stop the line at the outer edge feathering it off slightly thinner.

china 3d lash factory
china 3d lash factory

Don’t forget that if you are trying these tips, take your time to see what works for you and what may not. Your eyes are the windows to your soul they say, what give them a party to see!


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