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How To Do Makeup Emo Style

Bold eyes rimmed with kohl, skinny jeans, pale pallor, black studded wristbands, dark lipstick, studded belts and side swept bangs – yes, that is all emo. This is how one would describe their emo friend. This is a trend that has been put in the spotlight time and time again. Needless to say, it is a mighty popular trend as more are starting to turn to the emo 3d faux mink lashes. It is especially popular amongst the teenagers today. If you are wondering how to do makeup emo, then we are here to enlighten you a bit.Scrno


3d faux mink lashes
3d faux mink lashes 

This is the style that boasts those beautiful dark eye shadows, neon colors, tons of mascara, thick dark eye liner and those incredible 3d faux mink lashes. This makeup is all about overplaying the eyes. It is all about being ostentation with those eyes, while you keep the rest of your makeup to that natural look. For, for all of you girls out there, if you are game for emo, then it is time to play up those 3d faux mink lashes.

Start by putting on a coat of liquid foundation on your face. By using a sponge, even the layer of foundation. Make sure you choose a shade that is closer to your skin tone. After you have applied the foundation, you could use a concealer or powder. However, it is important that you avoid that caked on look.

To do those eyes, start by applying the shadow on your eyelids. Darker hues, in this case, along with the bright neon shades are best for getting this look. It is important to make sure you do not smudge the shadow. Use a eyeliner stick to line the bottom 3d faux mink lashes. Make sure the line is close to your lashes and is swept in a straight line. To add a hint of glamour, use colored liners. Smudge the bottom liner for that smoky effect.

Going to your top lash, stretch a straight, thick line on your lid. Make sure you keep it close to the lid at both corners. The outer line should be going slightly up towards the temples. This will give that catlike look.

3d faux mink lashes
3d faux mink lashes 

Now, it is time to put on the volumizing eyelash styles on both your top and bottom 3d faux mink lashes. Do not smudge the mascara. You can always put false lashes on if you want to have some more drama. For your lips, put some plain gloss on or wear them bare.


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